Saturday, November 9, 2013

Frog Logo and more Viking WIP

Hey guys. Sorry for not updating yesterday. Life's been a bit crazy!

I haven't quite finished my viking but he's coming along. I have a few work in progress images for you. It's actually a bit farther along than this but I haven't saved a jpeg of it and it wouldn't really be worth it to do so. Hopefully I'll have the finalized image for my next blog post!

I've also done a little logo (which I'm not 100% sure will be used) of a Frog for my mother's upcoming website where she will have her artwork as well as offer classes for therapeutic purposes.. I'll be sure to link it for you guys when it's up. She was thinking maybe a butterfly should be her logo because of the theme of transformation, and I said, well why not a frog then! (Obviously frogs are much cooler.)

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